Challenge Statement

Canadian Natural is looking for technologies to enable the capture of carbon dioxide and other
greenhouse gases from flue gas. Additionally, they are looking for technologies that will take
existing CO2 streams and find means of converting the CO2 into useful products. Technologies
that enable storage of CO2 are also welcomed.


Canadian Natural operates a number of gas fired steam and electricity generating facilities, plus
a number of hydrogen generation units. They are looking for innovative techniques and
technologies that can improve CO2 capture, and convert CO2 into useful products. Earlier stage
Technology Readiness Level technologies are welcomed as they can work with vendors to
accelerate technology development.

Response Criteria

  • Current focus is on step change advancements and not marginal improvements.

The Opportunity

  • Potential to discuss your technology (if selected) with one of Canada’s largest oil and gas producers. Canadian Natural is a leading R&D investor in the Canadian crude oil and natural gas sector with $3.7 billion invested over the last 10 years. In 2019 alone, Canadian Natural invested $77.4 million in research, technologies and projects to reduce emissions.
  • Meet new customers and enter new markets with your product.

About CNRL

Canadian Natural is an effective and efficient operator with a diversified portfolio of assets in
North America, the UK North Sea and Offshore Africa, which enables us to generate significant
value, even in challenging economic environments. We continually strive for safe, effective,
efficient and environmentally responsible operations while executing economic development of
our diverse asset base. Our balanced mix of natural gas, light crude oil, heavy crude oil, bitumen
and synthetic crude oil (SCO) represents one of the strongest and most diversified asset portfolios
of any independent energy producer in the world.