Fugitive Methane Emission Detection | Fortis BC

Challenge Statement/Synopsis:

We are seeking solutions to fugitive methane emission detection, particularly those that can detect leaks from underground pipelines and other assets, in BC. 

Context for the Challenge:

FortisBC is committed to working towards a lower carbon energy future and identifying solutions that help reduce GHGs while improving the long-term reliability, resiliency, and affordability of British Columbia’s gas and electric systems. Our 30BY30 Target is our goal to reduce our customers’ greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 30 percent overall by the year 2030. In support of this goal, we have implemented a Clean Growth Innovation Fund to help accelerate work to reduce GHGs as part of our strategy to support the
transformation to a lower carbon economy. The Clean Growth Innovation Fund will support initiatives and the development of technologies to help reduce emissions in British Columbia. FortisBC is interested in helping to support low-carbon initiatives and advance commercial and pre-commercial technologies related to CO2 and methane emission mitigation, specifically solutions that can advance FortisBC’s fugitive methane emission detection capabilities.

Response Criteria:

In your response, please provide evidence and/or describe how your solution meets the following needs:

  • GHG/emission reduction potential of the proposed solution/technology
  • Associated economics of the solution/technology, as both pilot and commercial scale (including capital cost, operating and maintenance costs, anticipated return on investment)
  • Viability or barriers to a commercial deployment pathway in BC (e.g., regulatory concerns, implementation partner limitations, etc.)
  • Demonstrate the financial stability and on-going operational readiness of your business
  • Outline any of the solution/technology’s associated risks, including those that may emerge during deployment and operation, as well as a mitigation plan
  • Outline your company’s IP strategy, including any protections that are already in place or in process.
  • Outline if there are any restrictions or limitations to deploying your solution/technology in Canada.

The Opportunity:

Engaging FortisBC could lead to one of the following outcomes:

  • A proponent conducting a pilot of their solution with FortisBC.
  • FortisBC providing funding under its Clean Growth Innovation Fund to support the
    advancement of technologies and solutions with a potential emissions reduction benefit in BC.
  • FortisBC not pursuing the proposal.
  • Another pathway as mutually agreed.

In some cases, FortisBC may be interested in pursuing co-development opportunities to advance research and development of technologies of particular interest. This would most likely occur under a pilot testing  framework, but early-stage R&D partnerships may also be available.

*Note that if you are chosen to pitch your solution to FortisBC, you may be required to complete a
more fulsome application through the Project Greenlight Submission Portal.

About FortisBC:

FortisBC is British Columbia’s largest energy provider, with more than 2,400 employees working to deliver natural gas, electricity and innovative energy solutions to more than 1.2 million customers in 135 communities throughout British Columbia.