Energy-efficient building retrofit | Canadian Urban

Challenge Synopsis:

Our challenge is to raise our 600 Cochrane Drive, Markham, ON, which is a Canadian Urban flagship property, beyond the realms of just a LEED Platinum office development, to a property that targets the highest levels of efficiency.



We believe, that not withstanding the highest level of Green Certification this property is accredited with, added tenant support facilities and enhanced sensitivity to operational costs from a sustainability perspective would bring added value for all stakeholders.


Response Criteria:

Solutions should offer one of more of the following technology pathways:

  • Solutions that would lower the GHG footprint and enhance the sustainability of our flagship property.
  • Solutions that would enable renewable energy integration into the building, including on-site energy storage.
  • EV Charging stations on the property would help expedite the move away from gas propelled vehicles.
  • Replacement of the onsite diesel generator with a natural gas generator would help facilitate a timed activation during peak periods notwithstanding the positive impacts on the building’s carbon footprint.


The Opportunity:

  • Canadian Urban foresees solution providers applying to the above initiatives as they are timely targets in keeping with the waves of positive change and the world moves toward sustainable prerequisites and individual well-being.
  • Access to new markets and customers.
  • Pitch your solution (if selected) to Canadian Urban Limited.


About Canadian Urban Limited::

Canadian Urban Limited (CU) is recognized as a leading independent, multi-sector real estate investment manager (industrial, office, retail and multi-family residential).
Our portfolio is comprised of institutional grade assets in Canada’s major real estate markets. CU has the knowledge, experience and agility to provide our investors customized real estate investment vehicles tailored to their goals.