Indoor Air Quality Solutions | Breathing space (Alberta Lung Association)

Challenge Synopsis:

The challenge is to propose a cutting edge and wholistic solution for clean air. If more than one provider wants to team up to tackle several aspects of air, we would be interested in this as well. The solution should be unprecedented in Canada, and work to provide the cleanest air possible for recovering lung transplant patients, including but not limited to VOCs, humidity levels, microbe and mold control and equal fresh air distribution.



The building this system would be used in, is called “Breathing Space”. It is the first lung recovery centre of its kind in Canada. It is a non-medical building sited near the University of Alberta hospital, used as a safe and comfortable place to heal, and meet appointments post lung surgery. The guests will live at the centre in their own rooms for several months during the healing process. There is a communal kitchen and lounge space, office space and other amenities.  We are pursuing collaboration with European companies to provide an opportunity for innovation in buildings in the Canadian lung recovery field as this will likely be a growing concern.

Response Criteria:

  • The system should be proven effective within a currently occupied building.
  • There should be a testing procedure in place to ensure the system performs as designed.
  • Solutions can include any technology related to clean air
  • The “air” section of the WELL building standard (WELL Building Standard® | WELL Standard ( can be used as a starting point
  • The more aspects that can be tackled in one system the better.

The Opportunity:

  • This lung centre will be the first of its kind in Canada and will be looked at as a precedent for future similar healing spaces. Coming out of a pandemic, this technology could set a new precedent for several types of healthcare buildings.
  • Chosen technologies will have an opportunity to pitch their solution during GLOBE Forum 2022, North America’s longest-running sustainable business conference.
  • Find new markets and meet new customers.

About Breathing Space:

Brian Allsopp Architect Ltd. is an Architecture firm based in Edmonton Alberta that has been hired to design the Breathing Space building. We are representing our client the Alberta Lung Association for this challenge.  The Breathing Space building is designed to feel like a welcoming home rather than an extension of the hospital. Biophilic design principles will be implemented such as large windows, a green wall, and natural building materials. We are looking forward to hearing your solutions

***Only non-confidential information should be included in your response ***