Small-scale, modular CCUS | Tourmaline

Challenge Synopsis:

In a continued effort to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, Tourmaline is seeking small-scale (10,000 – 100,000 tonnes CO2e/year) Carbon Capture and Storage / Utilization (CCUS) solutions that could be implemented at our facilities. These technologies would complement our existing zero-emission well sites as we transition toward a low-emission future across the Canadian energy industry.



Many of Tourmaline’s facility operations release combustion exhaust from generators, compressors, boilers, etc. Small-scale CCUS projects that economically remove and sequester (or utilize) the GHG emissions from flue gas on these locations would be invaluable throughout the industry. Given the large number of decentralized facilities that we operate, the greatest value would be found in small, modular, and potentially mobile CCUS solutions.


Response Criteria:

  • CCUS designed to capture flue gas emissions from processes that emit on the order of 10,000 to 100,000 tonnes CO2e/year.
  • The carbon must be either sequestered in the process or transformed into a state that is easily removed from the atmosphere.
  • The net carbon intensity of the process must be negative (i.e. the emissions sequestered must be greater than the total emissions produced in all scopes of the project).


The Opportunity:

  • Opportunity to present your technology to the largest natural gas producer in Canada with a proven track record in developing and implementing new technologies on a large scale. To support continuous improvement, Tourmaline readily invests in innovative strategies for minimizing our environmental footprint.
  • Exposure to industry-leading experts and new technologies through our industry partners


About Tourmaline:

Tourmaline is Canada’s largest natural gas producer, with over 400,000 boepd production through our Montney, Peace River, and Deep Basin business units in Alberta and British Columbia. With an extensive production base and infrastructure network to support 75-years of drilling inventory, we are uniquely situated to lead our peers as our industry evolves. By maintaining low capital costs and a strong balance sheet, Tourmaline continuously invests in new technologies for a sustainable future and strives to always improve our environmental performance.