Waste to renewable natural gas | Tourmaline

Challenge Synopsis:

Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) technologies provide a low-carbon fuel supplement that can be fed into existing natural gas streams with minimal infrastructure. We strongly believe that the widespread adoption of natural gas as a fuel source plays a monumental role in the global energy market, as it can meet current energy demands while also reducing emissions from other fossil fuels. We are seeking emerging innovations in RNG in order to, utilize the products of anaerobic digestion that would otherwise be released to the atmosphere.>



Tourmaline operates one of the largest upstream natural gas networks in Canada, with a strong commitment to pursuing emissions reduction initiatives. Fittingly, RNG projects are emerging as a renewable energy source that can be integrated into existing natural gas distribution networks with a negative carbon intensity. The natural anaerobic digestion of waste products in agriculture result in significant methane emissions to the atmosphere. RNG operations involve harvesting this methane, allowing it to be used as a fuel and reduce the emissions by a factor of 25. Supplementing Tourmaline’s natural gas production with RNG will lower the carbon intensity of the fuel overall, reduce the fugitive methane emissions from agriculture, and help develop RNG projects as they become more common in the energy mix.


Response Criteria:

  • Seeking low energy input RNG innovations that emit at a low carbon intensity and produce utility grade natural gas. Primarily looking at RNG from the agriculture waste sector but will also consider landfill and/or wastewater output as a source.
  • Projects in Canada would be preferred.
  • Ability to directly blend into Tourmaline’s natural gas network is not necessary.


The Opportunity:

  • Opportunity to present your technology to the largest natural gas producer in Canada with a proven track record in developing and implementing new technologies on a large scale. To support continuous improvement, Tourmaline readily invests in innovative strategies for minimizing our environmental footprint.
  • Depending on location, potential access to Tourmaline’s existing natural gas infrastructure network which could significantly reduce operating costs.


About Tourmaline:

Tourmaline is Canada’s largest natural gas producer, with over 400,000 boepd production through our Montney, Peace River, and Deep Basin business units in Alberta and British Columbia. With an extensive production base and infrastructure network to support 75-years of drilling inventory, we are uniquely situated to lead our peers as our industry evolves. By maintaining low capital costs and a strong balance sheet, Tourmaline continuously invests in new technologies for a sustainable future and strives to always improve our environmental performance.