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Recycle or upcycle quartz tailings from iron ore mining operations

Mine tailings recycling/upcycling | ArcelorMittal

Valorize fat, oil and grease (FOG) from restaurants to produce low carbon-intensity alternative fuels or/and other marketable by-products

Fat, oil and grease to fuel | Walker Industries

On-site pre-processing of organic waste for grocery stores

On-site organic waste processing | Walker Environmental

Lightweight reusable or recyclable alternatives to eliminate plastic and replace single use items for in-flight service

Sustainable in-flight service | Air Transat

Grid-side innovations to integrate renewable generation technologies into remote, community owned microgrids

Microgrid integration for renewables | BC Hydro

Retrofit technologies to substantially lower operational building emissions

Energy-efficient building retrofit | Canadian Urban

Reduce GHG, NOx and particulate matter emissions from locomotives and track engineering equipment

Locomotive emissions reduction | G&W

Low emissions space heating equipment in existing multi-unit residential and light industrial buildings

Building space heating electrification | QuadReal

End-to-end technology solutions to provide either a partial or full electrification of marine vessel operations

Electrification of marine vessel operations | VMCC

End-to-end solutions for low-carbon intensity fuel alternatives or renewable fuels for marine vessels

Low-carbon fuels for marine vessels | VMCC