A “Challenge” is a brief statement that describes the Canadian Buyers problem, and is clear on how a solution would create value and allow for out-of-the-box applications. Thus, identifying hand-picked Canadian Buyers with hand- picked EU SME sellers, leading to successful commercial transactions.

New challenges will be announced shortly. 


On June 7th, we will open the Expression of Interest for our new challenges.

Pitch your Canadian Buyer

If your company seeks access to the Canadian markets by providing clean technology innovation, and benefitting from LCBA Canada Project support, you must satisfy the following basic criteria:

Minimum Eligibility Criteria to Apply for First Challenge Wave (April)

Geographic Location: This Challenge Application process is open to SMEs and Small Mid-caps that are headquartered within one of the 27 EU Member States.

Ownership: You possess majority corporate ownership by EU nationals.

EU Company Size: Applicant is an SME, Small Mid-Cap, or Mature Start-Up according to the following EU Definitions:

  1. Micro-enterprises, with a staff headcount <10, and an annual turnover or annual balance sheet total does not exceed EUR 2 million;
  2. SMEs: with a staff headcount from 1-250, with an annual turnover of 10 Mn euros but not exceeding 50 Mn Euros.
  3. Small Midcap: with a staff headcount <499, with an annual turnover not exceeding 300 MN Euros.
  4. Mature Start-Up: Mature Start-Ups may also apply, provided they do not exceed the criteria laid out for SMEs on size (250 employees) and turnover not exceeding 50Mn EUR.

More information on EU Definitions of eligible company size in the following PDF link: (especially pp. 11 & 12).

Environmental Solutions: The company offers low-carbon, green technology or circular economy Solutions (technology and/or services).

International Business: Companies with proven track record with international business cooperation outside the European Union are preferred (exceptionally, companies with no previous international experience that present a relevant, innovative technology with high environmental and commercial potential may be selected).

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Become a Challenger

Once EU SME and Small-Mid caps suppliers apply to the Technology Challenges, the Project Team  will review proposals in two phases:

  • Phase 1: Identification of a long list of up to ten SMEs among the applicant companies, per Challenge Topic/Statement.
  • Phase 2: Based on the results of Phase 1, the Project Team and Challenge Owners will validate the suitability of the top three SMEs.

4 Challenges throughout a 36-month-project, seeking to facilitate business collaborations that have a positive environmental impact, are scalable and reflect a sound return on investment.

Technical assistance – delivery

When needed and approved, LCBA Canada will support EU SME companies through a identification of corporate subsidies, C2B/B2B webinars, and tutorials on technology transfer/trade issues (eg. legal trade barriers) funding identification, and regulatory frameworks.