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The Challenges displayed below come from the Second Challenge Pitch Event, which is now over. However, the 3rd Wave of Challenges is underway! To stay learn about upcoming opportunities and the latest developments, please register on the LCBA Canada Platform .

Recycle or upcycle quartz tailings from iron ore mining operations

Mine tailings recycling/upcycling | ArcelorMittal

Valorize fat, oil and grease (FOG) from restaurants to produce low carbon-intensity alternative fuels or/and other marketable by-products

Fat, oil and grease to fuel | Walker Industries

On-site pre-processing of organic waste for grocery stores

On-site organic waste processing | Walker Environmental

Lightweight reusable or recyclable alternatives to eliminate plastic and replace single use items for in-flight service

Sustainable in-flight service | Air Transat

Grid-side innovations to integrate renewable generation technologies into remote, community owned microgrids

Microgrid integration for renewables | BC Hydro

Retrofit technologies to substantially lower operational building emissions

Energy-efficient building retrofit | Canadian Urban

Reduce GHG, NOx and particulate matter emissions from locomotives and track engineering equipment

Locomotive emissions reduction | G&W

Low emissions space heating equipment in existing multi-unit residential and light industrial buildings

Building space heating electrification | QuadReal

End-to-end technology solutions to provide either a partial or full electrification of marine vessel operations

Electrification of marine vessel operations | VMCC

End-to-end solutions for low-carbon intensity fuel alternatives or renewable fuels for marine vessels

Low-carbon fuels for marine vessels | VMCC