Pitch your Solution to Canadian Buyers

Do you have an innovative clean technology solution? You could be eligible for support to access the Canadian markets from the LCBA Canada Project, if you satisfy the following criteria

Minimum Eligibility Criteria to Apply for Second Challenge Wave (September) are as follows:

  • EU Company Size:Applicant is a company with less than 500 employees and annual turnover not exceeding 300 Million EUR.
  • Geographic Location: Headquartered in one of the 27 EU Member States.
  • Ownership:Possess majority corporate ownership by EU nationals.
  • Environmental Solutions:The company offers low-carbon or circular economy solutions.

Whether or not you have experience outside the EU: companies that present a relevant, innovative technology with high environmental and commercial potential are also eligible to participate. Having experience working outside the EU is an added value to the application.


Looking for Challenges?

Selection Process

Any EU company that complies with the participation criteria are eligible to apply to an LCBA Canada Challenge.

Once a company applies to a specific Challenge (or Challenges if your solution is a match for more than one), the LCBA Canada Project Team will review eligible proposals in three phases:

  • Phase 1: For each Challenge, the Buyer will review the long list of eligible, relevant applicant companies, select 3 to 5 companies to Pitch (“Shortlist).
  • Phase 2: Short listed companies will be invited to a pitch event where they will present their solution to the Buyer as well as wider scope of Canadian companies.
  • Phase 3: Based on the Pitch, the Buyer will select 1 (or more) of the companies to enter into discussion to develop a joint business agreement


All companies who complete the application will be informed of the results at each Phase.

This is a 36 month project with 3 challenge waves and a total of 60 challenges. The aim is to facilitate scalable business collaborations that combine positive environmental impact with a sound return on investments.

What the LCBA Canada Program Offers

  • Participation in a high-quality EU programme that seeks to streamline state-of-the-art technologies and sustainable solutions into the Canadian Market;
  • Tailored delivery of technical assistance and business coaching to enable Joint Business Concepts (JBCs) between EU SMEs & Canadian Buyers.
  • The opportunity to work directly with a Canadian buyer that is actively seeking innovative solutions.


LCBA Canada Timelines

3 Challenge Waves will be run over a 36-month project timeline. Each Challenge Wave will coincide with a Pitch Event, seeking to facilitate business collaborations that have a positive environmental impact, are scalable and reflect a sound return on investment:

1st Challenge Pitch Event: GLOBE Capital, April 13 – 15, 2021

5 Challenges, 14 Pitches from EU Innovators, 108 attendees from 15 countries.

2nd Challenge Pitch Event: World Circular Economy Forum, September 13 – 15, 2021

3rd Challenge Pitch Event: GLOBE Forum, February 2022

LCBA Canada Challenge Pitch Events Timeline

Interested in Participating?

Review all active LCBA Canada Challenges here.

Useful Resources

  • Challenge Statements
  • Challenge Call Guidelines & Evaluation Process
  • Application Form