Canadian Challenge Owners will meet with EU SME candidates at targeted Challenge Events, tailored to deliver business to business transactions.


1. What is the aim of this LCBA CANADA Project?

To facilitate purposeful business collaborations between Canadian Buyers and EU Small and Medium Enterprise (SMEs) and Small/Mid-Caps and Mature-Startups and Micro-Enterprises, that have a distinct positive low-carbon and circular economy environmental impact, are scalable, reflect a sound return on investment, and enable innovative technology transfer and business transactions.

2. What sort of relationship do you envisage between entrepreneurs and buyers?

Transparent, dynamic, and purposeful, building toward a commercial agreement.

3. Does participation in this program prevent participation in other Low Carbon Business Action projects?

Participants can apply to this LCBA Canada Action, as well as other LCBA Americas Projects. However, once long-listed, Challenge Applicants are expected to prioritize their commitments and resources to the target Project without compromise.


4. What guidance can you give on the selection criteria to be chosen for the Project Challenge?

Solution providers need to be based in a European Union country. Selection criteria for long-listing for each Challenge will entirely focus on innovations that provide effective solutions to the Buyers explicit technology and service needs/unmet demand.

5. Would Buyers consider the possibility of equity investment in sellers?

This is up to the Buyer and seller once a technical pitch has occurred, after being shortlisted.

6. Would sellers be expected to travel at any point during the process?

Under the current COVID pandemic, travel is unlikely, and most engagements will be conducted virtually: during Challenge Pitch events, B2B sessions, and joint business contract negotiations, technical assistance sessions. This will be revisited at later stages of the project.

7. How many companies would be accepted to pitch by each Buyer?

We expect 30 or so EU Solution Providers pitching to each Challenge; which will then be long-listed to perhaps 10 or so.

8. What Technology Readiness Levels (TRL) is this Project looking to target?

The TRL level will be determined by each Canadian Buyer, with details provided in each Challenge statement

9. What are the categories of Technical Assistance (TA) available through the Project?

  1. Orientation on Doing Business in the Canadian Marketplace
  2. Advice on Canadian market regulatory frameworks.
  3. Financial viability modelling; finance leveraging support.
  4. Canadian market access intelligence.
  5. How to Pitch to Buyers session.
  6. Select Studies: e.g., Feasibility Studies; Environmental Impact Assessments (EIAs); cost-benefit analysis (CBAs)
  7. Support to help draft and formalise the Joint Business Concept (JBC).
  8. Advice on intellectual property obstacles.

10. Is this a one-time call for Buyers & Sellers?

There will be 60 Buyer Challenges posted on the website that you will receive notification of, once you register online. Buyers are engaged directly to discuss their Challenges. Sellers register online and apply to each Challenge Tender. All Challenges are fully open to all EU companies who feel they can meet the Buyer Challenge Statement.  There will be 3 Challenge Pitch events where Canadian Buyers and EU Solution Providers will meet – virtually or in person.

11. Is there someone I can reach out to if I need more information about the program?

You may contact us at: for a tailored response.


1. What is my commitment if I participate as a Buyer?

  1. Agree to share representative name; and the firm’s non-confidential Challenge with EU suppliers on the LCBA Canada Project website; and in solution provider recruitment material.
  2. Support LCBA Canada team member(s), within established Project timelines, to:
    1. Define a Challenge (or more than one) and share specific criteria for potential solutions selection.
    2. Share the Challenge on the project website
    3. Participate in the solution provider pre-screening process.
    4. Participate in the public non-confidential Challenge Pitch to vet solutions.
    5. If there is interest in one/more potential solutions, engage in one-to-one discussion to assess potential fit.
    6. Inform the project partners of intent to potentially pursue commercial arrangements (e.g., purchase, pilots, testing, etc.) with am EU solution provider(s); and to receive technical assistance that could support successful outcomes.

2. What sectors is this program targeting Challenges from?

  1. Agriculture, Agri-food and Aquaculture
  2. Buildings, Real Estate, & Infrastructure
  3. Electricity
  4. Heavy Industry
  5. Oil & Gas
  6. Transportation (incl. Hydrogen)
  7. Waste & Plastics

3. What does the process/timeline look like if I participate as a Buyer?

Roughly 3+ months from committing to be a Challenge Owner, defining the Challenge, and preparing and presenting the Challenge Pitch to Buyers. It may take longer for some Multipliers that may represent Buyers. If Technical Assistance (TA) is requested and granted, this may occur over a year or more.  TA assistance may be provided up to the summer of 2023.

4. Can I submit more than 1 Challenge on behalf of my organization?

Yes, as long each Challenge seeks to promote low carbon/zero carbon and clean technology/energy outcomes, that are scalable and positive on the environment, partnering with EU Solution Providers.


1. What does the process/timeline look like if I participate as a Seller?

3-12 months or so, from engagement and Challenge Statement to JBC finalization (see process/timeline Q&A). This process may continue through to the summer of 2023.

2. Can I apply to more than one challenge?

All Challenges are fully open to all EU companies who feel they can meet the Buyer Challenge Statement; and comply with the Minimum Eligibility Criteria

3. Will pitch coaching be provided to chosen EU Solution Providers?

Absolutely. This includes, inter-alia:

  1. Doing Business in Canadian Marketplace
  2. Advice on regulatory and legal.
  3. Financing modelling; & finance leveraging support.
  4. Market access issues.
  5. How to Pitch to Buyers.
  6. Closing the Joint Business CONCEPT(JBC).

4. Can my company pitch a Buyer?

Only shortlisted EU SME’s will be able to pitch a Buyer. For mor information, please refer to our Challenge Application Guidelines