Calendar of Challenges/Waves 2020-2023

LCBA Wave Challenges – Timeline of Activities / Challenges 2020-2023


  • Participation in a high-quality EU programme that streamlines “state of the art” technologies and “green” solutions into the Canadian Market;
  • Tailored delivery of technical assistance and business coaching to enable Joint Business Concepts (JBCs) between EU SMEs & Canadian Buyers;
  • Also, advice on requirements of trade and technology transfer requirements for the Canadian market.

Green Tech and Green Demand

A myriad of business opportunities exist through this Project to both EU SMEs and Canadian Buyers.

This Project seeks to addresses unmet demand for low carbon technologies in Canada; and focus on those market segments that have a large carbon footprint and emission reduction targets, along with demonstrated market opportunity for low-carbon technologies and circular economy solutions.

Overview of Canadian Target Sectors Demand


Canada’s emissions increased by 18% between 1990 and 2015 (Climate Transparency.org)

Key cleantech and energy sectors in Canada afford EU SMEs exciting opportunities for market entry and substantive business partnerships.