LCBA Canada Project

Low Carbon Business Action and Circular Economy is a doing business platform to accelerate the presence of EU solutions providers on low carbon and circular economy related technologies in Canada.

The Programme is funded by the European Union and aims to promote the Paris Agreement on Climate Change goals, using a business opportunity driven approach.

This Low Carbon and Circular Economy Business Action in Canada Project has a three-track approach to accelerate the matchmaking and closure of business deals between Canadian Buyers and EU Innovators:

  • Sector mapping and pre-screening – of business landscape targeting GHG emissions sectors in Canada, and mapping the business opportunities between potential “Canadian Buyers” of EU green technologies.
  • Matchmaking – through a Challenge Pitch, designed to showcase several technology and business options from EU Suppliers to Canadian demand companies. The shortlist of best-suited EU Suppliers rests with the local Canadian Buyer, in line with a demand-side approach.
  • Provision of Technical Assistance – to commercially viable and bankable proposals that complete a Joint Business Concept (JBC)

Ultimate Purpose of Low Carbon and Circular Economy Business Action in Canada

The focused business orientation of the Programme will result in:

  • Delivery of 4 “Waves” of matchmaking Challenges with pre-selected companies.
  • Support to finalize 32 Joint Business Concepts, with business transactions worth over 32 Million Euros.

What we offer

  • Opportunities for internationalisation of EU SMEs and access to Canada’s green tech ecosystem
  • A dedicated web-based business platform for EU SME company application to technology Challenges; and delivery of interactive tools to reach potential Canadian Buyers through assisted bilateral dialogue
  • Technical assistance on legal and trade barriers, technology transfer, co-financing leveraging, etc. to EU-Canadian counterparts
  • Liaison with Canadian sector organisations, and cooperation with other sister EU-funded projects and initiatives in the Americas
  • Increased promotion of EU SME green technologies and service companies in regional markets

Overall Benefits

Environmental benefits

Transition to a GHG low emission and resource use-efficient sector from current carbon intensive practices

Economic benefits

Increase trade volumes and economic exchange between the EU and Canadian companies through a platform dedicated to green technology and circular economy suppliers

Technology benefits

Uptake into the Canadian Market of EU “state of the art” cleantech and circular economy technology innovations and services that are environmental-friendly

Participation Benefits in EU Action

Greater awareness and familiarity with European Union and Canadian market opportunities; and strengthened capacity to identify target business partnerships


Technical Assistance

Business & Trade

Trade advice between EU SMEs and Canadian Buyers and regulatory practices; and business coaching

Technology Transfer

Guidance on technology transfer obstacles and solutions

Legal Framework

Analysis on regulatory and legal context in Canada


Finance modelling and funding options for Canadian and EU SME’s

Our team

Our International Consortium is comprised of leading Canadian, US, and European business development agencies well-versed in near-term business partnerships and innovative technology commercialization.