Challenge Pitch Session 3 VEC | City of Vancouver: Urban Rainwater Run-off Reuse

The Challenge

The City of Vancouver is seeking innovative, novel ideas that address key challenges around its sustainability goals, particularly its Rain City Strategy. The City is looking for green rainwater infrastructure solutions that will retain and treat urban run-off.

Pitching Companies

  • Black Locust Lumber Global inc (Hungary)
  • Daku Italia S.r.l. (Italy)
  • Field Factors BV (The Netherlands)
  • MetroPolder Company (The Netherlands)
  • Vertuo (France)

The presentations of pitching companies are available here.

Pitching Session

  • March 1 2022, 11:15 ET/ 17:15 CET (Channel 3).
  • This Challenge Pitch Session will take place on Zoom Webinar.